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Small Business Focus

Jack’s E2 COMPEL Group is comprised of business owners who have 5-25 employees and revenues in excess of $500K. The group recently worked on issues such as selling a portion of your business, using strategies to grow your business, and…

COMPELling News – September 2015

READ IT HERE COMPELling News, September 2015, Issue 10 Chief Visionary’s Message – Sizing Up The Competition Watch “Matadors Running With Squirrels” Prepare to be Wowed at Friday’s With COMPEL! Economic Summit – November 3, 2015 Meet COMPEL Summit Sponsors…
Accessiblity (CTRL+M)
Accessible Icon Project logoThe final icon, in blue and white, closely similar to the original version but with the body foregrounded, and wheel cutouts to suggest motion.