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Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work

What We Do.

Imagine being able to share your most pressing issues, in confidence, with other business owners and get real answers that help. COMPEL is that resource…a group that acts as your personal board of directors where you can realize success and business growth. Capitalize on the collective knowledge and experience in the room by asking questions and getting answers to your most troubling issues in a confidential environment. Your peers will hold you accountable so you can achieve the success you want.

Why Work With Us.

Realize your potential and start to see success through business growth in a confidential environment. COMPEL CEOs helps business leaders address their most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities. We’re dedicated to helping our members gain better insights, become better leaders, make better decisions…all to achieve better results.

Our Team

Stephan Ramerini

Founder & Chief Visionary

Stephan Ramerini

As Founder of COMPEL CEOs, Steve has a deep passion for assisting small to mid-market companies in building high performing organizations, while embracing the changes required for success in their professional and personal lives. Steve has over 35 years of experience as a Facilitator and Group Chair with a broad knowledge base in all aspects of what it takes to be a leading Executive.

In addition to providing an environment for high growth, over the last 10 years he has assisted his clients in completing liquidity transactions in excess of $500 Million. In 2019, Steve was honored by the Long Island Business News with an Executive Profile – click here to view Steve’s Executive Profile.

Steve currently serves as a Board Member of several organizations, including the MMALI – Middle Market Alliance of Long Island – where he is a founding member and the Parish Council of St. Paraskevi in Greenlawn. Born and raised on Long Island, he enjoys spending time with his three talented and wonderful children and is an avid wine collector.

Jamie Ramerini

Jamie is turning into her father sooner than expected. Similar to Steve, after a career in banking, she was hungry for more – an opportunity to influence business owners and make a lasting impact. Jamie focuses on building the organization into an enterprise, allowing COMPEL’s facilitators to focus on what they do best: providing Executives with the tools they need to
succeed in business.

Located in Southern Connecticut, Jamie is an avid believer in Connecticut’s small business community and as an award-winning entrepreneur herself (click here to see her early work with BluStrip), she looks forward to expanding the business onward and upward. She enjoys the reputation of being a bubbly go-getter with a high energy lifestyle and a passion for the pursuit of everything new.

Jamie Ramerini

Chief Operating Officer

COMPEL CEOs Group Facilitators


Emerging CEOs

Executives moving from tactical to strategic.



The next generation of leadership preparing for and acclimating to a leadership role.


Trusted Advisors

Private Practices, Firms & Professional Service Providers



What do you need to scale your business and fuel the next chapter of growth?

Richard Strautman


His group is COMPELling CEOs on Long Island

"Compel CEOs gave me a forum to work through my business challenges and to uncover many of the challenges hidden right before me. With the help of my peer CEOs I was able to get my business ready for sale and negotiate a great agreement for all. The lectures and issue processing further helped me become a better listener and increased my emotional IQ so that I became a better manager and servant-leader for my teams and partners."


“Being ‘of service’ has always been a core value of mine. Being a facilitator with COMPEL has afforded me the opportunity to help business owners grow and, in turn, build successful businesses that help the local economy grow. These same businesses employ more people, creating a win-win situation for business and the community.”


"I was introduced to entrepreneurship as a teenager watching my dad operate his textile business. His leadership inspired me to be a strategic entrepreneur. After 4 decades, our brand became a takeover target – a carefully crafted strategic move, which was a result of my membership in a peer-to-peer advisory group. I successfully negotiated my exit and am thankful for what I learned: “It is important to operate your business every day as if you were going to sell it, even if that is not the ultimate goal.” After departing the textile industry, I became familiar with Steve Ramerini, Founder of COMPEL CEOs, who exemplified the culture and values that are vital to the art of peer advisory. I now consider myself blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization where it is all about giving back. As a Facilitator for COMPEL, I look forward to sharing my insights and expertise with likeminded CEOs and helping them feel less lonely at the top."

"COMPEL has had a significant role in my professional development for almost my entire career. Being an active COMPEL member for nearly 15 years, I was excited to make the leap to facilitator and share my experiences with other next generation business leaders. Having the opportunity to work with the next generation who will be leading Long Island businesses into the future has been beyond rewarding. Similar to my experience as a COMPEL member, it’s been great to watch my members challenge each other, support each other and build bonds that will last a lifetime."


"Having facilitated peer-to-peer advisory boards and group coaching events over the past 2 decades, I have experienced first hand how impactful advisory board membership can be for its members. I was attracted to COMPELCEOs because of their commitment to and focus on education and business strategy. I am excited about using my many years of corporate executive experience, business consulting experience and advisory board facilitation to help members of my COMPEL advisory boards deal with their critical issues, problems and opportunities in a open, honest environment with other like-minded business owners and CEOs."


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