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CEO Roundtables

January 10, 2020

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“The ultimate goal is to help them achieve greater success and thus produce greater business value”

Compel CEOs

CEO “round tables” seem to be gaining popularity as there is an increase in the number of organizations that offer these and similar programs. They require two main commitment, money and time – time being one of the most valuable resources of an Executive and Business Owner alike. When choosing how to spend that, choose wisely. Be sure the program is the right fit for you…does it help you grow your business, and will it help you develop further as an Executive/Business Owner?

Why should anyone join an Executive group? To improve themselves, their businesses, and ultimately their revenue.

Most Executive programs, whether marketed as a round table or a speaker session, are 1-dimensional, meaning there is limited participation by members and little to no follow up post program. The best kind of program for Executives and Business Owners is our peer-advisory groups which aim to enhance the performance and support the growth of every member. The reason why these are more effective than a traditional coaching group or round table is because of the accountability factor.

COMPEL CEOs takes on roundtables in a way that ensures growth for both the individual and the business. We establish and operate Executive groups that act as a Board of Directors for business owners, CEOs and their Executive Level teams. These groups aim to enhance members’ performance, support their growth, and hold them accountable for attaining their goals, both personally and professionally. The ultimate goal is to help them achieve greater success and thus produce greater business value.

More now than ever is it important to think about what you want for your business before donating your time and money.

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