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COMPEL Introduces Sales 300 Program: Sustainable Sales Results

We are very pleased to announce that Russ von Frank, COMPEL CEOs Group Chair has launched a new Peer Advisory Group Sales 300.

Russ would like to offer COMPEL Members first choice to place salespeople in a group before going out to a greater business population.

These groups are primarily designed for individuals responsible for business development and/or sales. The program is both experiential and practical, the purpose is to have every member meet their personal sales goals.


Sales 300 A peer advisory group dedicated to a personally customized process for achieving sustainable sales results.

We believe sales mastery starts with clear intent and the mindset necessary for success. Many individuals in business development and sales often rely heavily on tools (marketing materials, networking, and cold calling) to control their sales efforts before developing themselves. Be one of the best salespeople by using your own customized process to achieve sustainable sales results by joining a Sales 300 group.

This is not a traditional networking group. There will be accountability, follow through, and written goals for members.

Sales 300 will be the 21st Century “Mastermind” group using 100+ more years of knowledge, experience, emotional intelligence and technology.

Here is an outline of some of things you can expect as a member of the group:
• Create individual Sales Matrix for your industry.
• Create a Sales plan based on the Sales Matrix incorporating Prospecting, Sales and SMART Goals.
• Key Indicators for tracking Prospecting and Sales activities.
• Leverage collective wisdom and shared Intelligence.
• Creating Win/Win Outcomes.
• Peer to Peer engagement, providing the powerful 360 perspective.
• We will have Fun.

Group size will be limited to 12-14 members and the cost $285 per month. Meetings will be bi-weekly basis for 2.5 hours, Day and time TBD based on the group start date.

I am looking for individuals who are:

• Responsible for business development and sales
• Open to working in a group
• Be accountable to other members
• Disciplined to do the work
• Push their limits and commit to the process
• Have fun – work hard, play hard

Membership is by invitation only and selection interview. New groups are forming in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and there will be no competitors in the group.

For more information, contact us.

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