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COMPELling News – October 2015


COMPELling News, October 2015, Issue 11

Chief Visionary’s Message
Where’s Your Customers Pain and Where’s Your Beef?
By Steve Ramerini
In October, Christophe Morin, a brilliant businessman and the author ofNeuromarketing, Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Brain, returned to COMPELCEOs for the second in a three-part series workshop. If you were one of the unfortunate few who missed Christophe, he will be back in 2016.  
Christophe’s workshop showed us how to develop a proven strategy for differentiating our business using the “pain, claim, gain” technique. This motivated me to dig up the infamous 1980s Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” campaign. Take a quick look for a good laugh:
Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” Campaign
Several of COMPELCEOs’ groups are following Christophe’s neuromarketing process. If you want to find your customer’s pain (and your “Beef”), check us out hereand join us for the Third Annual Business and Economic Summit (details below). At the Summit, you will have a chance to participate in global keynote speaker Michael Allosso’s “mind blowing” workshop. You will also break bread with the most inspiring business people on Long Island. After lunch you can take COMPELCEOs for a test drive by attending an actual working session led by COMPELCEOs Chair Jack Signorelli.
Check out what COMPELCEO members have to say about us here and join us for the Summit, which is the most COMPELling event of the year.
All my best,
Steve Ramerini
Chief Visionary Officer
PS:  Christophe is also a fan of Cowboys Herding Cats”!

Register Now to Attend Long Island’s Most COMPELling Event Third Annual Business & Economic Summit
November 3, 2015 – Prepare to be “Wowed”
Michael Allosso
(Please disregard if you already registered.)
Keynote Speaker – 

“It’s Show Time!” – A Day in the Life of a Great Leader”
Join us to learn how to conquer your greatest challenges and be your best every day. Michael Allosso is returning – back by overwhelming demand for his skills, knowledge and insight. He is an award-winning professional director, actor, choreographer, writer, teacher and coach. Michael has mentored numerous upper level managers and has led workshops in dynamic communication skills with actors, lawyers, and business people in many arenas. His presentations to COMPELCEO members and guests in April were sell-out events. You will not want to miss this event, which only comes around once a year.
7:45 to 9:15 – Registration, Breakfast Buffet, Networking and Business Expo
9:15 to 11:30 – Introductions and Michael Allosso Keynote Workshop:
11:30 to 12:00 – Announcements and Recognitions
12:00 to 1:45 – Lunch , Networking, COMPEL Member Panel Discussion
1:45 to 5:00 – COMPEL “Test Drive” Meeting

Watch Michael in action here.

Register here
If you have already registered, no further action is required.
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Melville Marriott
1350 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747
COMPELCEOs Members – Free
Invited Guests, Qualified CEOs and Business Owners – Free
TAB, Vistage Members and Alumni – $195
Non-members – $395, $500 at the Door
Contact us to see how you can join us for FREE!

Special Thanks to COMPEL Summit Sponsors

Sponsorships are still available. Contact us to learn more.

We Extend a Warm Welcome to Our New Members
Lisa Mirabile
President, Vertigo Media Group
Fred Pesce
Executive Vice President and Creative Director
Vertigo Media Group
Welcome new members to COMPELCEOs where you will learn effective leadership communication skills, among many other things. Enjoy the wildly popular “Today’s The Day” gorillas to see what happens when communication fails.

Congratulations To These COMPELling Women
Who are Among the “Top 50 Women on Long Island” in 2015
Join us in extending congratulations to two of our members, Christine Ippolito and Carol Soman, who have been selected as Long Island’s Top 50 Women.
Christine Ippolito is the founding Principal of Compass Workforce Solutions. Her expertise is focused on employer compliance programs and processes specific to Federal, New York, New Jersey and New York City employment laws.

Carol Soman is the President of DashboardNY. She is a business optimization expert and CPA with over 35 years experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Operations Officer and Certified Public Accountant.

Christine and Carol are not just CEOs, they are COMPELCEOs.
If you would like to know how you can become a COMPELling Woman, contact us.

About COMPEL’s Group Chair Russ Von Frank
Russ Von Frank
Russ von Frank is celebrating his 15th year as a CEO peer group chair and coach. In addition to working with COMPELCEOs, Russ has created a new type of peer group strictly for professional sales people called Sales300. Unlike other groups, this group meets every two weeks for for two and a half hours focusing on prospecting and sales. Russ continues to work as a professional insurance agent, keeping his skills fresh and he is looking forward to starting another COMPELCEO peer group shortly. He is active in the Long Island business community and was recently appointed to the board of the American Heart Association. Russ also gives back by serving as a volunteer firefighter and EMT at the Nissequogue Fire Department, where he is presently the second assistant Chief.

Meet all COMPELling Chairs here.

Steve Ramerini
Founder & Chief Visionary
(516) 551-5093
Like this eblast? Contact Cecilia Alers.

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