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Connecting the COMPEL Community

Two of our COMPEL members, Adam Richlin, of Lightbulb Grip and Electric Co, and Jeremy Heim, of Inter-County Bakers Inc, teamed up to make groceries available for Film Crew, Photographers, and Artists that are currently unable to buy groceries for financial or medical reasons. This new initiative, called Feed The Freelancers, has helped many people in the production business. The first efforts of Feed The Freelancers produced about 1000lbs of food among 60 deliveries helping 110 freelancers. When Adam and Jeremy collaborated to increase the efforts of Feed The Freelancers, the foundation was able to produce 125 boxes of food including 125 loaves of bread, 70 cakes, 100 packs of pita bread, 120 rolls of toilet paper & 120 rolls of paper towels. As Adam rejoiced over this success, “Today is one of those days where I’m really feeling the COMPEL network’s strength!”, we would like to remind not only our COMPEL community, but all of our partners, friends, allies & fellow NY small businesses – that together, we will get through this difficult time.

To help Feed The Freelancers, please donate here.

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