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Led by Fig Annunziato, CEO of Claimfox (Second generation business owner)

In this two-tier program, we bridge the generational gap between leadership to make way for emerging leaders at established companies. Whether you are a family member or a rising star, this program will help you identify the skills needed to step into a leadership role, develop those skills and gain insight to what is needed as you transition the business to the next generation of leadership.

Level 1: For NextGeners who are being introduced to the business, learning the ropes to gain more responsibility in the company, and exploring the opportunity of family succession. Also for young entrepreneurs with established businesses, looking for guidance on how to break free from the one-man band show.

Level 2:  For NextGeners who are stepping into a more senior role, preparing to assume the CEO role, or recently transitioned to Owner.

Member description: ages 21 to 40, identified as the next generation of a business, currently the next generation of leadership or building a solo-preneurship

# of speakers: 4 per year, plus invitation to our Annual Summit featuring a Keynote

Meetings: Monthly, 12PM – 5PM

Individual Consulting: Available upon request, not included in membership


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“A special thanks to Jamie and Fig for bringing us all together, being a guide and helping to shape us into the leaders we want to be. I’m eager to see how this group grows our businesses together and the success we find for years to come.”

Brandon Savastano
New York Fire Detection, Inc.
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“COMPEL is so much more than a peer support group.”

“COMPEL has been the catalyst that has allowed me to make incomprehensible strides in my business. Personally, when I joined COMPEL, my brother and I were entertaining taking over our father’s company. The NextGen group helped facilitate that process by assisting with our biggest challenges and providing real experiences. Since then, we completely revamped the operating system of our company thanks to a speaker that was brought in from Fig. Anyone looking to take over a business or bring the vision for their company to life MUST come to a meeting!”

Kevin Myhre
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“The COMPEL NextGen group has played an important role in guiding me to reach my goals both personally and professionally. The ability to not only bounce ideas off fellow young and bright business owners, but to also have the expertise of Fig and other COMPEL members at our fingertips has proven priceless. By implementing new EOS systems, marketing approaches, and focused sales initiatives driven by COMPEL discussions, I increased my individual sales by almost 25% and gained the respect of my customers and fellow directors. If your hesitant about joining, just think of this one thing… how will your profits be affected if you increase your effectiveness, productivity, and ability to solve issues quicker? Then remember that COMPEL helps to do all of these things!”

Ryan Reilly
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“I became a member of COMPEL’s NextGen group in 2018. Since then, I have learned how to better communicate with clients and colleagues through more targeted conversations that allow me to maximize my productivity and to clearly set and achieve professional and personal goals. I have gained confidence in how to best promote my business, from effectively sharing my company’s services on LinkedIn in an effort to generate marketing leads to creating job descriptions that will yield the best matched candidates to fill open positions. This group is made up of energetic and enthusiastic individuals from companies of different sizes, structures and services, who all share a common interest of success and results. I am so grateful for their support and perspectives and truly value the time I get to spend with them each month!”

Erica Johnston
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