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Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work

Platinum Group

Led by Steve Ramerini

Comprised of CEOs & Business Owners of mature entities who are exclusively focused on their strategic direction. The priority is placed on company

Member description: 100+ employees, 100% strategy-focused


Led by Steve Ramerini & Irwin Gasner

Members focus on strategy & the expansion of current operations. What do you need to scale your business and fuel the next chapter of growth?

Member description: 50+ employees, 75+% focused on strategy

Emerging CEOs

Led by Steve Ramerini & Ben Diamond

Business Owners who are moving away from their tactical efficiencies while increasing the amount of time spent on strategic issues. Identifying opportunities that allow you, as a leader, to step away from operations to work on the development of the company with a strategic vision in mind.

Member description: 5+ employees, 50+% focused on strategy

NextGen Group

Led by Fig Annunziato

“Taking over a family business?
Transitioning leadership from one generation to another?
Entering a family business or exploring the opportunity to?
Expanding your business beyond a sole proprietorship?
Stepping into a leadership role?

This group is here to help you.”

What Our Members Have to Say

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“A special thanks to Jamie and Fig for bringing us all together, being a guide and helping to shape us into the leaders we want to be. I’m eager to see how this group grows our businesses together and the success we find for years to come.”

Brandon Savastano
New York Fire Detection, Inc.
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“Between treating patients and handling responsibilities with my children, I didn't think my organic skincare company would ever launch. No one held me accountable for progress (or lack thereof). No business owner I knew would take the time to provide solid, unbiased advice or provide opportunities to network with others when I had important decisions to make or ran into set-backs.

Being part of COMPEL put me back on track and further strengthened my mindset to keep progressing. Having support from Steve and like-minded business owners in various industries and stages of growth has made all the difference for me and my company. They ask the right questions and drill down to exactly what I need to do to make things happen."

Dr. Joy Moy
Joy Moy Skincare
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"I get honest feedback from colleagues who have faced the same situation. Their advice has saved me from making countless mistakes and allowed me to take advantage of special opportunities."

Jonathan White
White Coffee Corporation
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“What sets COMPEL apart from other CEO groups I’ve been associated with is the depth and breadth of ‘boots on the ground’ experience and the unadulterated commitment to transparency and truth.”

Woody Kaye
Corporate Values, Inc
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“Great organization, you will be so excited and inspired to try the group out. It helped take me to another level. Well worth the investment.”

Scott Erath
Wm. Erath & Son, Inc
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Today changed our lives.

I truly hope you realize what Compel is doing for us and for your customers across all groups. What Mike and I have learned and have received over the last few months has changed our lives. I can only hope that others feel the same.

Today, Brad and Rakesh have offered to help us. Why? Why us? Two kids with guts. That’s all we are. We will not let them down, and will take this break to absolutely kill it.

Thank you Steve. Mike and I have derived unquantifiable value from the group already. Today was unexpected and a true gift. Just watch what happens next!

Justin Abrams
Cause Of A Kind

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