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Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work


Wisdom at Work

Compel’s beginnings

Steve Ramerini was in banking when he began to work with board groups made up of business owners. He realized how much he enjoyed the business owners’ energy and passion, so Steve decided to get more involved and become a moderator for the group. Eventually, after taking on more groups, Steve took on this role full time.

Over time, he noticed the organization he worked for took away its members’ benefits while also increasing their monthly costs. This motivated Steve to start his own organization where he could provide these benefits back to business owners, along with finding new ways to assist them. In June of 2013, Steve followed through and started his own organization, Compel CEOs.

Compelling History

With Steve’s 35 plus years of experience in his prior positions as a Facilitator and Group Chair, he was prepared to start his new role as a leading Executive. Clearly the business owners he was working with thought so too, as nearly all of the business owners Steve was working with at his previous organization followed him to CompelCEOs.

Over the years, Compel CEOs has prided itself in becoming a superior peer advisory and resource group. Compel CEOs focuses on providing a space where business owners and executives feel comfortable sharing one’s unique circumstances, best practices and key decisions. Compel CEOs has created a community of business leaders that have a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice at their fingertips.

The Compel CEOs strategy has been successful, as we have provided an opportunity for our members to grow and find success on whichever path they chose to take their business on. This has allowed us to maintain a 99+% retention rate of membership!

Our Programs

All of Compel CEOs programs include the advantages of being involved in a peer advisory group. Groups are put together with great care and consideration to what each member brings to the table. We focus on collaborative growth through deep conversations and asking questions in a confidential environment. This helps our members to make better decisions and become more effective leaders within their organizations and respective industries.

Compel has created six different programs. Just like people, we understand that businesses come in a variety of sizes. Larger businesses have different needs, obstacles and stresses than smaller companies. Newer companies have different goals than more established businesses. Our programs are not a one-size-fits-all model. Each program is suited to fit the varying degrees of experience and common tasks the group members are likely to deal with. When matching our members with a specific group, we take into account the size of their company, how their personality will mesh with the rest of the group, their current focus for their business, and making sure there are no conflicts of interest.

Here are the six different programs that we currently offer:

Platinum Group

  • Composed of CEOs & Business Owners of mature entities who are exclusively focused on their strategic direction or exit strategy. The priority is placed on company sustainability & the execution of your strategic vision.
  • Member description: 100+ employees, 100% strategy-focused.
  • Company Size: Annual revenue of $75million+
  • Meeting description: 9 monthly dinner meetings featuring a round-table discussion led by Steve Ramerini and 2 half-day triage deep dives focusing on strategic vision and transition planning
  • Timing of meetings: 3PM – 8PM, monthly


  • Members focus on strategy & the expansion of current operations. What do you need to scale your business and fuel the next chapter of growth?
  • Member description: 50+ employees, 75+% focused on strategy.
  • Company Size: Annual Revenue of $10 million+
  • # of speakers: 8 per year, plus invitation to our Annual Summit featuring a Keynote
  • Meetings: 12 monthly full day meetings from 8am to 4pm
  • Individual Consulting: Included in membership; available monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly

Emerging CEOs

  • Business Owners who are moving away from their tactical efficiencies while increasing the amount of time spent on strategic issues. This group helps identify opportunities that allow you, as a leader, to step away from operations to work on the development of the company with a strategic vision in mind.
  • Member description: 5+ employees, 50+% focused on strategy.
  • Company Size: Annual revenue of $1-10 million
  • # of speakers: 4 per year, plus invitation to our Annual Summit featuring a Keynote
  • Meetings: 12 monthly meetings; half days run 8am to 1pm and full days run 8am to 5pm
  • Individual Consulting: Included in membership; available monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly


  • As members continue developing their business, they work towards a more efficient model through strategic planning while maintaining a presence in the day-to-day operations.
  • Member description: 1-10 employees with a desire to become more strategically focused.
  • # of speakers: 0
  • Cadence and Timing: Bi-monthly meetings 8:30AM – 10:30AM

NextGen Group

  • In this two-tier program, we bridge the generational gap between leadership to make way for emerging leaders at established companies. Whether you are a family member or a rising star, this program will help you identify the skills needed to step into a leadership role, develop those skills and gain insight to what is needed as you transition the business to the next generation of leadership.
  • Level 1: For NextGeners who are being introduced to the business, learning the ropes to gain more responsibility in the company, and exploring the opportunity of family succession. Also for young entrepreneurs with established businesses, looking for guidance on how to break free from the one-man band show.
  • Level 2: For NextGeners who are stepping into a more senior role, preparing to assume the CEO role, or recently transitioned to Owner.
  • Member description: ages 21 to 40, identified as the next generation of a business, currently the next generation of leadership or building a solo-preneurship
  • # of speakers: 4 per year, plus invitation to our Annual Summit featuring a Keynote
  • Meetings: Monthly, 12PM – 5PM
  • Individual Consulting: Available upon request, not included in membership

Launch by COMPEL

  • A 10-week “Business Bootcamp” providing practical business education through weekly workshops led by subject matter experts and industry leaders. Develop a plan for implementing changes in your business during bi-weekly individual consulting sessions. Walk away with an enhanced plan for executing your business goals!
  • Practical Skills: Gain the knowledge you need to build your empire.
  • Weekly Workshops: Compelling workshops led by subject matter experts and industry leaders that provide insight on various topics related to building a strong business.
  • Putting Knowledge Into Action: Linking education to action so that you build a better business.
  • Individual Support Sessions: 30 minutes of individualized consulting every other week to develop a plan for change within your business.
  • What’s Included:
    • 10 Weekly Workshops
    • Accountability Workshops
    • Business Plan Prep

Along with organizing these peer advisory groups, Compel offers individual consulting meetings, networking events, expert speakers and workshops for personal development, and the occasional fun team building event.

Vision for the Future

Here at CompelCEOs, we are excited about the opportunity to expand our organization into other markets, and assist business owners and executives across the country. We want to expand our leadership development programs, as Compel values the importance in continuous improvement for our future business leaders. We are always looking for ways we can provide our members with additional benefits, so that they can grow with their companies.

If you were to study all the problems of the world, you would perhaps see that they can be solved with greater prosperity and abundance.

We grow together!

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