Platinum Group

Led by Steve Ramerini

Comprised of CEOs & Business Owners of mature entities who are exclusively focused on their strategic direction. The priority is placed on company sustainability & the execution of your strategic vision.

Member description: 100+ employees, 100% strategy-focused.


Led by Steve Ramerini

Members focus on strategy & the expansion of current operations. What do you need to scale your business and fuel the next chapter of growth?

Member description: 50+ employees, 75+% focused on strategy.

Emerging CEOs

Led by Steve Ramerini

Business Owners who are moving away from their tactical efficiencies while increasing the amount of time spent on strategic issues. Identifying opportunities that allow you, as a leader, to step away from operations to work on the development of the company with a strategic vision in mind.

Member description: 5+ employees, 50+% focused on strategy.

Trusted Advisors

Led by Russ von Frank

As members continue developing their business, they work towards a more efficient model through strategic planning while maintaining a presence in the day-to-day operations.

Member description: 1-10 employees with a desire to become more strategically focused.


Dr. Joy Moy

Trusted Advisor Member

"Being part of COMPEL put me back on track and further strengthened my mindset to keep progressing. Having support from Steve and like-minded business owners in various industries and stages of growth has made all the difference for me and my company. They ask the right questions and drill down to exactly what I need to do to make things happen."

NextGen Group

Led by Fig Annunziato

In this two-tier program, we bridge the generational gap between leadership to make way for emerging leaders at established companies. Whether you are a family member or a rising star, this program will help you identify the skills needed to step into a leadership role, develop those skills and gain insight to what is needed as you transition the business to the next generation of leadership.

Level 1: For NextGeners who are being introduced to the business, learning the ropes to gain more responsibility in the company.

Level 2:  For NextGeners who are stepping into a more senior role, preparing to assume the CEO role, or recently transitioned to Owner.

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Ryan Reilly

NextGen Member

"The COMPEL NextGen group has played an important role in guiding me to reach my goals both personally and professionally. The ability to not only bounce ideas off fellow young and bright business owners, but to also have the expertise of Fig and other COMPEL members at our fingertips has proven priceless. By implementing new EOS systems, marketing approaches, and focused sales initiatives driven by COMPEL discussions, I increased my individual sales by almost 25% and gained the respect of my customers and fellow directors. If your hesitant about joining, just think of this one thing… how will your profits be affected if you increase your effectiveness, productivity, and ability to solve issues quicker? Then remember that COMPEL helps to do all of these things!”

Launch by COMPEL

Led by Steve Ramerini and

Strategic Partners

For early-stage businesses and start-ups --> Click here for more info

An 8-week program providing practical business education through weekly workshops led by subject matter experts and bi-weekly individual consulting sessions. Nominations required.

Ideal size: 5 or less employees, 1-3 years in business, $100K to $500k in annual revenue.

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Carol Soman | Emerging CEOs Member

"The day I started my business is the day I started working with Steve and COMPEL CEOs."


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Kevin Myhre | NextGen Member

"It's so much more than a peer support group."

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