Braun Brush Co.

"COMPEL is… Turning your dreams into goals and your goals into reality. "

Lance Cheney


White Coffee Corp.

"I get honest feedback from colleagues who have faced the same situation. Their advice has saved me from making countless mistakes and allowed me to take advantage of special opportunities."

Jonathan White

Executive Vice President


"Belonging to COMPEL should be a pre-requisite to being at the helm of any business enterprise."

Dan Corcoran

Former CEO & President

Bringing Together Outstanding Visionaries and Industry Leaders

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"Steve and our group have acted like a virtual board of directors. This BOD, along with the monthly SME (subject matter experts) guest speakers, have taught me so much, and allowed me to consistently make better decisions that have both saved me money, but more importantly, grown my company faster and more profitably. Having a group of other business owners to talk to has been invaluable for my company's growth."

Tom Gesky

CEO | Resourcive

Corporate Values

"What sets COMPEL CEOs apart from other CEO groups I've been associated with is the depth and breadth of 'boots on the ground' experience and the unadulterated commitment to transparency and the truth."

Woody Kaye

President | Corporate Values


"The day I started my business is the day I started working with Steve and COMPEL CEOs."

Carol Soman

President | Dashboard NY

Osmosis Development Corp

"There was a point in time where I was out of office for almost two weeks.  Things went great at work without me.  What a huge relief to know that I have a great team that knows what needs to be done without my involvement. 

If it weren’t for the valuable lessons I’ve learned and enacted as a member of your COMPEL Group, I probably would have been devastated by this.  I keep thinking of countless other CEOs and business owners who have erroneously made themselves indispensable to their businesses.  Thank god and thank you that I’m not like them anymore. 

Bob Burns

Chief Innovation Officer | Osmosis Development Corp  

Eastern Wholesale Fence Co., Inc.

I am not sure where I would be as a CEO and where my business would be without COMPEL and Steve.  Being a part of COMPEL and having Steve as a mentor has helped me grow as a CEO.   Whenever, I have an issue or situation, I have a sounding board to process my issues among a group of CEO's that have had similar experience.   The monthly education programs bring me so much value, that they continue to help me re-invent myself as a CEO.  And I take full advantage of my monthly one-to-ones with Steve, reporting in, processing issues, seeking guidance and running scenarios and ideas through him, I am forced to step back, look at the big picture and steer myself and the company from the right perspective.  COMPEL is professional continuing education for CEO's who want to continually improve themselves and their business. 

Peter E. Williams, Jr.

CEO | Eastern Wholesale Fence

New York Fire Detection, Inc

“A special thanks to Jamie and Fig for bringing us all together, being a guide and helping to shape us into the leaders we want to be. I’m eager to see how this group grows our businesses together and the success we find for years to come.”

Brandon Savastano

Business Development Executive | New York Fire Detection, Inc.

Joy Of Acupuncture

Between treating patients and handling responsibilities with my children, I didn't think my organic skincare company would ever launch. No one held me accountable for progress (or lack thereof). No business owner I knew would take the time to provide solid, unbiased advice or provide opportunities to network with others when I had important decisions to make or ran into set-backs.

Being part of COMPEL put me back on track and further strengthened my mindset to keep progressing. Having support from Steve and like-minded business owners in various industries and stages of growth has made all the difference for me and my company. They ask the right questions and drill down to exactly what I need to do to make things happen."

Dr. Joy Moy

CEO | Joy of Acupuncture, Joy Moy Skincare

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