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Led by Russ von Frank

As members continue developing their business, they work towards a more efficient model through strategic planning while maintaining a presence in the day-to-day operations.

Member description: 1-10 employees with a desire to become more strategically focused.

# of speakers: 0

Cadence and Timing: Bi-monthly meetings 8:30AM – 10:30AM


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“Between treating patients and handling responsibilities with my children, I didn't think my organic skincare company would ever launch. No one held me accountable for progress (or lack thereof). No business owner I knew would take the time to provide solid, unbiased advice or provide opportunities to network with others when I had important decisions to make or ran into set-backs.

Being part of COMPEL put me back on track and further strengthened my mindset to keep progressing. Having support from Steve and like-minded business owners in various industries and stages of growth has made all the difference for me and my company. They ask the right questions and drill down to exactly what I need to do to make things happen."

Dr. Joy Moy
Joy Moy Skincare
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