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We Welcome Three Returning Members

We are pleased to welcome back to COMPEL three returning members.

Richard J. Viola, President & CEO, Interactive Hotels, Inc.
Jim Umbdenstock, President, Griffin-Rutgers, Inc.
Paul Kazan, President, Target Interstate

We asked Rich Viola why it was time for him to return to COMPEL CEOs and he said he missed the ability to talk with other business leaders with similar issues in the comfortable atmosphere that Steve Ramerini creates in the group. He said this is not something he has been able to get from any other interactions. Rich went on to say, “Steve creates a non-judgmental atmosphere among the group that allows us to open up and get advice and insight from other leaders. Our group is a family, which is not an easy atmosphere to attain in a group filled with business leaders.” He went on to say there is no grandstanding among members in the group and everyone has each other’s back. Welcome back Rich!

Jim Umbdenstock said the answer to why it was the right time for him to return to COMPEL and he said the answer is simple. Griffin-Rutgers is a family-owned business. His brother is retiring and it’s time for Jim to come up with a plan for him to exit the business in 5 or more years. Jim said he has “lots of ideas” and he knows from past experience being in a COMPEL CEOs group with Steve Ramerini that the group members will help him sort through his ideas and develop a viable plan. He went on to say that the wisdom and guidance provided by COMPEL CEOs group are excellent, especially the thought provoking Socratic method where members ask questions that one may not have even thought about. “That’s even better”, said Jim.

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